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Invictus International Preschool - Kindergarten School in Singapore

Invictus International Preschool’s kindergarten programme ensures every child becomes independent learners with a strong academic foundation to get through primary school and beyond. The home-school partnership at our Invictus Preschools enables a unique, individualised approach to support and maximise your child's learning and development. Placing an emphasis on encouraging active and interactive learning amongst children, we provide many unique learning opportunities for young ones both in and outside of the classroom.

  • Half day or Full Day (with option to extend)
    Half Day: 8 am to 12.15pm
    Full Day: 8am to 2.15pm
    Full Day (Extended): 8am to 6pm
  • Flexible 2,3, or 5 days a week
  • No subsidised rates
  • For Children ages 18 months to 6 years old

Kindergarten School Locations

Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah
39 Linden Dr
Singapore 288712
West Coast
West Coast
9 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118141

What Makes Invictus Preschool Unique

At Invictus International Preschool, we encourage young children to develop both academically and socially, and prepare them for a lifelong love for learning in a nurturing environment. Over the years, our Invictus Preschools have stood out for the Diversity, Flexibility, Legacy, and Community that we offer to all parents and preschoolers. 

 Diversity  Our children have opportunities to learn a variety of languages, traditions, and grow up in an environment that embraces differences.    
 Flexibility   Parents can choose between Childcare and Kindergarten, as well as flexible programmes with half-day or full-day for 2, 3 or 5 days a week.   
Legacy With over 22 years of experience in the Early Childhood Education industry, we have prepared countless children for a seamless progression into primary school, both local and international.
Community We place an emphasis on building a strong school community and ensure children make lasting connections with their teachers and peers.

As a preschool that offers affordable and quality education, we provide young children all the benefits of an international preschool at accessible rates. Children will experience individualised learning in a caring and nurturing environment that encourages the development of their knowledge, skills and interests. Learning will be tailored around each individual child's needs, interests and abilities, ensuring that they are appropriately challenged at each stage of their development. To learn more about Invictus Preschool’s educational approach, click here

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