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At Invictus International Preschool, we want to ensure that our graduates enjoy a learning experience that extends beyond just their preschool years. We have partnerships with Invictus Centrium, Invictus Dempsey and Invictus Bukit Timah (NEW) to ensure that children enjoy a smooth transition into Primary and Secondary School.

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The three Invictus Schools, Invictus Centrium, Invictus Dempsey and Invictus Bukit Timah, all located in Singapore, are proud to be affiliated with Invictus International Preschool. This affiliation entitles children from Invictus International Preschool a priority place at these three schools as well as a waiver of the Application & Enrolment fees. Our partnership with these schools allows our group to provide a quality, affordable, international education from 18 months to 18 years of age.

Invictus School
Invictus School
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